BANCOSOLAR.ES is a 100% solar bank. charges your mobile device by means of its two USB chargers, it has its own LED lighting with automatic switching on at dusk, it has the possibility of 4G WIFI, each bench can be customised and thus be able to advertise to the taste of the company, individual or council, providing great visibility given its great visibility on all four sides, all its functions are also engraved in Braille to make things easier for people with blindness or visual impairment.

– We are pioneers and manufacturers of solar-powered benches.

– Totally national product made in Fraga (Aragon).

– Low cost furniture

– Energy saving

Suitable for residential, hotels, glampings, campings, individuals, companies, networkings, teleworking, golf clubs, tennis clubs, paddle clubs, football, town halls and more.

Human beings continue to sit and use mobile devices that need to be recharged, as long as this continues to be the case this formula will continue to work and even more so with 100% clean energy.

A guaranteed success when acquiring our devices.

Our intention is to open market soon in France and the rest of European Union also in South America we are looking for distributors of maximum seriousness.


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