The city council of Monzón incorporates another solar bench

The City Council of Monzón has incorporated to its urban furniture a solar bench that allows charging mobile devices and has night lighting, among other services.
Located in the park of El Molino, this initiative is also intended to further advance the digitization of the city and raise awareness of the importance of using renewable energy.

In addition to the basic functions of sitting, it incorporates the possibility of charging mobile devices such as phones, tablets, computers … through its two USB chargers and 4G Wifi installation. Thanks to its panels and charging battery, it enables night lighting without the need to install wiring to the network, being 100×100 autonomous, which is activated by a twilight sensor.

In addition, messages can be incorporated with the option of a presence detector and voice activation to help locate people with blindness or visual impairment, and serves as advertising elements and has indications engraved on metal, in Braille.

Teruel city council installs a solar bench

The City Council of Teruel has installed in San Blas -one of the ten rural neighborhoods of the capital of Teruel- a bench that, in addition to being used to sit, allows charging the cell phone, lights up at night and has a wifi router to provide internet connection to the neighbors.

The bench is solar-powered and has been installed in the San Blas sports area. This is a pilot test that the Teruel City Council will extend to the rest of the rural neighborhoods if the initiative is in demand by the neighbors.

This type of benches are made in Aragon. The councilman of Rural Neighborhoods, Carlos Aranda, emphasizes that a plaque has also been placed with instructions for use in Braille, so that this service is accessible to blind people.

“In the coming days, we will place the wifi router and, if the neighbors use it and are satisfied, our intention is to bring these elements to all neighborhoods to energize sports and recreation areas and provide a new service in these areas of the city,” said Aranda.

The bench runs 100% on solar energy and has two USB ports for charging devices, a sealed battery to accumulate photovoltaic energy, a solar regulator, a twilight sensor, LED ambient lighting and a 30-watt monocrystalline photovoltaic panel.



Curious initiative in Monzón with the installation of a solar bench in its street furniture.

The new solar bank, in addition to offering different services, aims to make the population aware of the use of renewable energies within the Municipal Plan for Adaptation to New Technologies.

The Department of Digital Transformation and Innovation of the Monzón City Council, led by Jesús Guerrero, in its Plan to bring new proposals related to technology and environmentally sustainable to the population, has installed a solar bench in the vicinity of the Youth Center, in Sugar Park.

“We thought it was an interesting initiative and both the Youth Center and the Department of Services have supported it. It is an innovative, low-cost proposal, and we are convinced that it will be demanded of us in other areas of the city. So, after verifying its effectiveness before its installation, other parts of the city such as Selgua, Conchel, municipal parks and squares… could soon have this urban furniture” – Guerrero advances.

The solar bench, in addition to the basic function of sitting down, thanks to its panels and charging battery, makes it possible to have night lighting without the need to install wiring to the network, as it is 100 x 100 autonomous, which is activated by a twilight sensor, charge mobile devices (phones, tablets, computers…) through its two USB chargers or the 4G Wi-Fi installation. Messages can be incorporated with the option of a presence detector and voice activation to help people who are blind or visually impaired to locate themselves; It also serves as an advertising element and there are indications, engraved on metal, in braille.

“I am convinced that this innovative public solar bench can inspire people, young people, entrepreneurs by verifying that any common object around us has room for improvement and significant efficiency. In fact, although there are developments with similar characteristics in other European countries, we have chosen this model that is manufactured and marketed by an Aragonese company as it is cheaper, more versatile, in addition to being easy to install” – Montison’s councilor adds.


BANCOSOLAR.ES is a 100% solar bank. charges your mobile device by means of its two USB chargers, it has its own LED lighting with automatic switching on at dusk, it has the possibility of 4G WIFI, each bench can be customised and thus be able to advertise to the taste of the company, individual or council, providing great visibility given its great visibility on all four sides, all its functions are also engraved in Braille to make things easier for people with blindness or visual impairment.

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Human beings continue to sit and use mobile devices that need to be recharged, as long as this continues to be the case this formula will continue to work and even more so with 100% clean energy.

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Designer outdoor furniture with solar panels for free green energy generation

Solar bench is a design furniture solution for outdoor installation that incorporates renewable solar energy generation technology.

The green energy generated by the solar bench’s panels is stored in sealed batteries that resist humidity and inclement weather and allows users to charge their electronic devices free of charge.

The solar bank includes two USB connections for charging mobile devices and information is provided to users via signage.

The exterior design of the solar bench can be customised with different types of paint, colours and motifs to suit the corporate image of the municipality or company that owns it.

The solar bench is made of resistant materials designed for continuous use and to withstand inclement weather, especially the solar panels are protected against shocks and can withstand the weight of people and objects directly on them.